Approach to Training

At Lucky Dog Training Center, we train using positive reinforcement, often called "clicker training." There are many ways to train a dog, but we believe this method is the easiest, kindest, and most reliable way to train. We focus on teaching dogs what we want them to do, not what we don't. This science-based approach is used worldwide by animal trainers in all disciplines, such as training zoo animals to allow medical care or training chickens in order to better train dogs. Because of this, the end result is a dog who enjoys working with you and behaving!

Daily Schedule

Please note that this schedule is for reference only. To enroll in a class, visit the corresponding page for details and class availability. If you'd like to see a class in action before enrolling, call or e-mail before dropping by and leave your dog at home. Thank you for your cooperation!

COVID-19 Policies

We’re so excited to see you & your dog again! In order to keep Lucky Dog a fun & safe training environment, we’ve implemented some additional policies that we want you to be aware of.

Please bring a mask or face covering to wear in the building- if you forget yours, we will have them in our retail store for a small fee. Everyone is required to wear a mask when in the building. We also ask that you limit class or lesson attendance to one person per dog whenever possible. Each person/family will need to sign a COVID-19 Waiver before continuing training. As always, please do not allow your dog to say hello to other dogs or other people. He should be paying attention to you when he’s in class!

If you need to purchase something from the retail store, we are allowing a maximum of 3 people in the store at one time. We’ll be continuing to offer call-ahead and no-contact orders for our clients who have a credit card on file.

Additionally, we’ve altered some of our class times to give more space for clients to leave or enter the building between classes. PLEASE double check the time of your class on your reminder email! Opted out? Reach out through Facebook, email, or phone and we’ll be happy to look up your class. All class days & times are also current on our website.

When you arrive for your class, please wait outside until the previous class leaves unless you need to purchase something for class. If the weather is too hot to wait outside, you may come in 5 minutes before your start time. We’ll have a waiting area with spots marked on the floor at the 6’ social distance protocol. The chairs in the training area will be spaced out so that no one is within 10’+ of you.  If you have questions or concerns about returning to class, please reach out prior to your new start date!

Notice for Thursday Rally Students:

We will be limiting the class size to 5 people until further notice. You will need to contact the desk to pre-register each week to hold your spot.

Thanks for your cooperation! We can’t wait to see you back soon!!!