Get Started


Learn all about our curriculum, approach, and how to get the most out of your Lucky Dog Training class! Orientation is required before starting Basic Manners, the first class for dogs older than 4 months. You'll get to see our facility, chat with a trainer, and leave confident and prepared for your first group class!


Are you already competing in rally, agility, or nosework? Schedule an evaluation! We'll assess where your dog is, talk about where you'd like to go, and figure out how to get you there. Evaluations are required before starting any sport class if you're new to Lucky Dog.

Puppy Class

If your dog is under 4 months old, you'll want to begin with Puppy Kindergarten. We cover everything from the basics of 'sit' and 'down' to socialization, potty training, and more! Whether your pup is a total couch potato or a champion in the making,  Puppy Kindergarten is the place to be.

Why orientation?

Your time is valuable! You're in class to learn how to train your dog, not to listen to the dog across the room bark it's head off while the trainer makes sure everyone has the right equipment. By attending orientation before class starts, we can make sure everyone is on the same page and won't have to waste class time managing the little details.

We trained somewhere else, can I jump right into this class?

Maybe! But we'd hate to have you enroll in an agility or tricks class only to find out that your dog is too stressed by the new facility to work, or is at a higher level than the rest of the class, or just forgets all his training when he sees new friends. We require a 30-minute evaluation before starting any sport class to make sure you and your dog are in the right place!

Do I need to attend orientation before my puppy class?

Nope! Everyone in Puppy Kindergarten starts at the same place and we cover the orientation topics in class. If your dog is 4 months or younger, please start here.

What do I need for orientation?

You'll need to bring the same things you would for class- your dog on a collar or harness, a non-retractable 6 foot leash, and treats and a clicker if you have them! All these items can also be purchased in our retail store if needed. Please also bring your dog's most recent shot records. If you have multiple dogs you want to bring to class, they'll need to attend separate orientations.