Specialty Classes

Specialty Classes

Four on the Floor

Having a friendly dog is a wonderful thing! Having a friendly dog with manners is even better. This four-week class will teach your overly friendly dog how to appropriately greet (or ignore) people instead of tackling them with excitement. We'll also work on some brain games you can use at home to burn some of that extra energy!
Please note that this class is for dogs who are extremely excited about saying hi to people. This is not for dogs who respond fearfully or who lunge or bark aggressively towards other people or dogs.

If this is your first class at Lucky Dog, please attend an orientation before enrolling.


$110 for a four-week class that meets for 50 minutes, once a week

Drop-In Skills Lab

Do you need some extra help with any of the skills we teach? Or maybe you just need some accountability to keep up with your homework? Skills lab is an extra opportunity to practice your dog's behaviors and get feedback from a trainer! This drop-in class is only offered occasionally, so jump in quick when it pops up.

Must be currently enrolled in a Lucky Dog class


$25 per session

Puppy Sports

While most of our sports classes are geared at adult dogs, we think puppies should get to have fun too! Puppy sports classes are a great way to engage your dog's brain, build confidence, and strengthen your relationship while introducing dog sports at an age-appropriate level! We offer the following puppy sports classes:

  • Puppy Tricks (4 weeks, $110)
    • Work on tricks that are both adorable and useful! Learn paws up, chin rests, spin, peek-a-boo, and more!
  • Performance Puppy (4 weeks, $110)
    • Performance Puppy includes introduction to agility equipment, toy skills for training, and foundation skills for rally & obedience
  • Puppy Nosework (4 weeks, $110)
    • Introduce your pup to the building blocks of searching hides and imprinting odor!

Dogs must be under 8 months and must attend orientation before the first class