Manners Classes

Manners Classes

Basic Manners

Let’s face it, dogs these days are part of the family. But as much as we treat them like furry humans, they need some help to act like it! In Basic Manners, we cover the essentials that your dog needs to be a well-behaved member of your family. You’ll learn things like not jumping up, coming when called, and walking nicely on a leash, as well as your standard sit, down, and stay! We also work on impulse control, the “place” behavior, and sitting at the door, all of which discourage naughty behavior like stealing food, darting out the door, and begging/counter surfing.


You must attend orientation or Puppy Kindergarten before attending a Basic Manners class. Your dog must not be aggressive or reactive to other dogs and must be over 4 months of age.


$150 for a six-week class that meets for 50 minutes, once a week

Advanced Manners

Ready to take your dog’s training to the next level? In Advanced Manners, we build on your basic foundation to add distractions, leave treats behind, and introduce some tricks to keep it interesting! This class is designed to take your dog’s behavior above and beyond to make sure he can keep his brain in any situation. If you want to get into therapy work, dog sports, or just want your best friend to go out and about with you, Advanced Manners is the place to be!


Completion of Basic Manners or instructor approval.


$150 for a six-week class that meets for 50 minutes, once a week

Beyond Manners

Whether you can’t get enough of training, your dog needs a refresher, or you just want to keep your skills sharp, Beyond Manners is the perfect class! This is a four-week ongoing class and we’ll work on something a little different each week. We’ll learn a few Rally signs, practice some CGC steps, and put your training to the test. There's always something new to learn at Lucky Dog!


Completion of Advanced Manners or instructor approval.


$100 for a four-week ongoing class that meets for 50 minutes, once a week

Frequently Asked Questions

Can more than one person come?

Yes, you may bring another person that will also be working with the dog at home.  Children over 12 are welcome to come and watch as well.  If your child is under the age of 12, we recommend that you bring something to keep them busy, such as a book, iPad, or phone. Please do not bring toys that make noise or may resemble dog toys, such as stuffed animals.

What do I need to start a class?

Your dog needs to be current on all vaccines or titers.  When you register with us, you will be required to read the liability waiver and check the box which requires your dog to be fully vaccinated.

Do I need to enroll online or can I sign up and pay when the class starts?

Please sign up ahead of time to reserve your spot. If you prefer not to pay online, you can also register over the phone or in person during our regular business hours. Our classes typically fill up and we can not guarantee that there will be space available on the day the class starts.

What do I need to bring to class?

You will need to bring your dog wearing a flat collar or harness on a 6′ leash.  You will also need a bag of small  treats, a clicker and preferably a treat pouch.  (We sell all of these items at our retail store) We also recommend  to bring a doggie bag just in case your dog needs to do his business.  If you forget one, we do keep those handy at our doggie station located near the grass area.

We do not allow prong or choke collars, and please do not bring a retractable leash!

We do not allow aggressive dogs into group classes.  If your dog barks, growls, and/or lunges at people or dogs, please contact us for an evaluation prior to signing up for a group class.

Continuing with Training

If your dog has aced Manners and is ready to take on the real world, check out our Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Prep class!

Looking for something else to do with your pup? Tricks, agility, and rally are all fantastic ways to keep your dog engaged and busy after getting down the basics!