Agility Classes

The sport of agility has taken off in the last few years among dog enthusiasts and weekend warriors alike! It’s a great way to have fun, get exercise, and build a great relationship with your dog. We hear from lots of people who think that their dog would love to try agility, but they don’t know where to get started. Here at Lucky Dog, we’re very beginner friendly and can help you from your first lesson to your first competition and beyond! If you’re ready to try this exciting sport with your dog, read on to figure out which class is best for you.

Class Structure

Before enrolling in any agility class, dogs must have completed Advanced Manners, be up to date on vaccinations, and be 7 months or older. If you've trained in agility elsewhere, please contact us to set up an evaluation to determine which class you should start.

Agility classes run on a skills-based system- that is, you don’t move on to the next level until you’ve mastered the class you’re currently in. You can view the level structure below.


Completion of Advanced Manners or evaluation with instructor approval is required before starting any agility class.


Foundations through Blue- $170 for a six-week class that meets for 50 minutes, once a week
Bronze through Platinum- $145 for a six-week class that meets for 50 minutes, once a week



A strong foundation is crucial for learning agility! This class will work on developing handler skills and learning basic obstacles.


The Red class starts laying the groundwork on your rock solid foundation. This class focuses on some of the more challenging obstacles like weaves and the teeter.


The White class introduces the final obstacles you’ll see on a course and increases the height of contact obstacles. This class also introduces more difficult handling skills.


The Blue class is where it all starts to come together. This class polishes up your obstacles and introduces more complex handling.


The Bronze class is for teams who are gearing up to compete! It focuses on closing weaves, nailing contacts, and adding to sequences.


The Silver class is for teams who have the skill level to start competing (whether they want to trial or not). This class runs full courses while paying special attention to areas that still need work.


The Gold class is for teams who are consistently running full courses. This class will introduce complex courses and test your skills as a handler.


The Platinum course is for serious teams who are competing at the Masters/Premier level. This class runs full courses to hone your skills.

Agility Ring Rentals

The agility ring is available to rent ($23 for 30 minutes) with the following restrictions:

  • Ring rentals must be booked and paid for in advance
  • Only one dog/handler team per half hour rental
  • Do not attempt unsafe jump heights
  • Only use the equipment your dog is familiar with
  • Your dog must be off-leash to use contact equipment
  • Ask an employee for help raising or lowering contact equipment
  • If you move any equipment, you must move it back before your rental is over
  • No water in the ring
  • Clean up any accidents immediately

If you are enrolled in a Lucky Dog agility class, contact the facility or stop by the desk to book a ring rental! Current Lucky Dog agility students also receive $5 off the cost.

If you train elsewhere or are self-taught, we require an evaluation before approving any ring rentals to ensure your dog can safely use the equipment. You must be currently competing in a major venue (AKC, UKI, USDAA, etc). This evaluation will be approximately 20 minutes and is $23. Please contact the facility at or (817) 741-3647 to schedule a ring rental evaluation.